About me

Dr. Hsieh is a data science and operations research practitioner with a plenty of experience in both industry and academic research. Proficiency in applications of optimization such as operations planning and scheduling, resource allocation, and simulation optimization. and performance enhancement by operations research techniques such as optimization, machine learning, data mining, simulation, and statistics. Experienced in data science for extracting insights from data and build decision models on the top of that. 

He currently works with the Department of Systems Engineering & Operations Research at George Mason University, VA, USA. He received his Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, and focused on information technology and operations research. His research primarily focuses on simulation optimization, cyber-physical systems, operations management, supply chain management, and intelligent manufacturing. He won the K.D. Tocher Medal from the Operational Research Society, and elected as a Senior Member of IEEE in 2017; he is also a member of INFORMS.

Prior to joining George Mason, Dr. Hsieh did consulting work at IT service and software firms and contributed professional expertise, i.e., data analytics, mathematical programming, system analysis, and data-driven decision making,  for optimally tailoring the solutions to the needs of the respective enterprise. He had also worked as Manufacturing Supervisor, Production Control Engineer, and Senior Industrial Engineer at an advanced semiconductor wafer fabrication plant in ProMOS Technologies, a former joint venture company of Siemens and Mosel-Vitelic in Taiwan.